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When are movie theatres going to move to a Subscription service?


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I go to see 1-3 movies a month (depending on who I am with) so I miss a lot of movies on their first pass through the theatres.

One of the biggest reasons is that I don't want to have to pay $15-$20/movie just for a ticket for myself, nevermind one for who I bring, and $15-$20 on snacks.

When are theatres going to get it that they will bring in more business if they were to charge a monthly subscription for unlimited entry.

They might lose a few dollars off of entry profit, but with more people visiting more often, think of how that will increase concession sales?

Also, if any of you work for Famous Players, send me a PM.

I want to know someone on the inside to get me in for free movies.

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This is why I've stopped going to movie's at the theatre. There's too many people who don't know how to behave in public. Sadly in general movies the past few years are getting worse and worse. I don't get excited over movies anymore. I'd rather see movie theatres where you can reserve your seat instead of a subscription for seeing movies.

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i wait for dvd and watch on my big screen at home. buy some beer, chips n' papkorn and i've pretty much spent what i would have at the theatre. i don't go out to see movies anymore. there's really no point. always have those douchenozzels who talk during the whole thing like "oh, here comes the good part!" and those who make it known that you got a joke and go "Ohhhhh!" and, of course, pointless trivia

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I usually just wait for movies to come to DVD/BluRay. Too expensive. If I go to the theatre I try to make it out on Tuesday evenings since its half priced here. From $14 to 7 is a solid discount.

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I haven't been to a movie in the theatre in ages...I think the last one I saw was the first Star Trek. Either that or Toy Story 3.

The experience (crammed into an auditorium, can't pause to go to bathroom, no booze, etc.) does not match the prices (2 tickets, snacks, etc...$40?). I'd get a lot more out of DL-ing something for free, popping my own popcorn (for pennies) and spending the 40 on a bottle of something nice.

The big draw to the theatre in the past was that I had seen most of the movies on video that I really wanted to see, and so I was desperate to see something great. The only option to see the newest films was shelling out for the theatre. But now, I don't watch nearly as many movies as I used to. I don't feel the need to watch every "good" movie that is released. So when I do make the time to watch one, I have numerous options available.

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The theatre in Kamloops is actually usually pretty dead on Tuesday nights (movie ticket for $5), so that's when I usually go. I usually sneak in a bottle of pop and buy a small popcorn, costs me maybe $15 maximum.

If I ever go see a movie that's NOT on a Tuesday, I usually only buy a ticket and suffer without corn. A subscription service would be great because I wouldn't be shelling out as much money on the spot.

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I don't go to the theatre all that often. Paying 10-20 bucks every few months is better than they crazy high fee they'd probably charge monthly.

I wouldn't doubt they'd charge $40+ a month if you're getting unlimited viewings

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