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[Rumour] Canucks sign UFA D Christian Folin to 2 yr ELC

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Stefan G:son@steffeG

The Swedish Bob McKenzie, @MrMadhawk, says that Sens target Christian Folin is signing with the Canucks. http://ow.ly/lPkyc

Johan Svensson@MrMadhawk

Klockan är 00.51 och här dunkar jag ut en nyhet om en svensk, mycket nära Vancouver Canucks. #nhlse http://mrmadhawk.se/...er.html …

Translated tweet:

The time is 0:51 and here I pound out a news story about a Swedish, very close to the Vancouver Canucks. # nhlse http://mrmadhawk.se/...-vancouver.html ...

Translated link below:

Unknown Swedish heading to Vancouver

2013-06-08 12:51:11

Christian Folin.

So, a new Swedish NHL-export hot.

Or rather it is highly likely.

Fresh data MrMadhawk.se obtain through the evening and night reveals that Folin, who spent the last three seasons in North America, the latest in college and NCAA team UMass-Lowell has an NHL deal extremely close.

Reportedly, Ottawa previously shown interest. But now it's about another Canadian team, namely the Vancouver Canucks.

Folin should be close to signing a two-way contract over two years.

What is interesting here is that this is a player who never played in the top division either or headlines. As thus is very close to sign an NHL contract.

Now it will probably be mostly AHL games for the 22-year-old Swede. But he will of course get the chance to show off in front of club management during camp and during a friendly match, on the same terms as the other.

It is not entirely clear. However, one is very close to a deal. It is quite an advanced stage. Folin has reportedly hesitated on whether he wanted to interrupt their college studies, but now it seems to stand the case.

And who had not done it for a NHL contract? Although it is a two-way contract

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A defenseman of decent size. Has good potential to become a skilled defenseman in the future. Keeps his game fairly simple and uses his body at good opportunities. Has decent offensive qualities, such as his shot, but is at his best in the defensive zone.

Sounds like a Tanev/Corrado type

6'4 too.

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"Christian's got the full package - size, speed, great puck handling, great shot…probably the best shot on our team. He can really let it fly…defensive positioning, likes to use the body. He's just the whole package."

Quote: "On of the things that's most exciting about him is his humbleness. He always shows up ready to work. He's quiet and goes about his business. It's really helped even some of the other guys to grow and mature just to be able to watch him and see how he prepares and takes care of his body and see the success he's having because of it. He's had a quiet impact on our team, but it's been significant. He's definitely a leader on this team without being boisterous," said Jason Lammers, assistant coach of the River Hawks. "The best part about him is that he's an awesome person. As good of a hockey player as he is, he's a better person and those are the types of players you want on your team. He's going to be successful in whatever he does."

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I never question teams picking unknown defensemen either like this or in the draft. Last random Swedish defencemen to go in the 3rd round or later and make a huge name for himself was......Lidstrom boys and girls that's right 3rd round 53rd pick. Not comparing the two obviously but it cant hurt to sign a guy that cost nothing right?

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