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Top 30 NHL Draft Steals of All-Time #5

Who is the #5 NHL Draft Steal of ALL-TIME  

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*Rule: For a player to be considered, he must have been picked round 4 or higher*

Congrats to Luc Robitaille! He has been named the #4 NHL Draft Steal of All-Time with 43.75% of the vote!

Gary Suter has been added to the list with 6 nominations.

Who is the #5 Draft Steal of All-Time in the NHL?

Please provide in the thread who you voted for and also who you'd like to nominate next onto the list. Nominated winners will be picked based on highest nominations given in thread, and at the start of every new round, winner of previous rounds will be reveled.

Top 30 NHL Draft Steals of All-Time:

1.) Dominik Hasek (R10)

2.) Pavel Datsyuk (R6) / Henrik Zetterberg (R7)

3.) Pavel Bure (R6)

4.) Luc Robitaille (R9)


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