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list of overrated players on the canucks with descriptions


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sedins- past their prime, not anything near the players they once were.

kesler- gets injured too often, not anything near as good as his selke year, declining

hansen- why is this guy so liked? he does nothing and is unnoticable on the team

edler- i call him alex "turnover" edler.. seriously why do people think this guy has so much value and so many teams want him

luongo- he's literally hardly worth nothing. theres a reason toronto didnt take the offer for scrivens and 2 2nds. because he's worth hardly anything! good goalie but really bad contract

hamhuis- he's ok.. not near the defenceman people make him out to be... he's 20-25 in the league, not top 10..

corrado- have seen hardly anything from this kid yet, stop making him sound like the second coming when he's done nothing

burrows- this guy is nothing without the sedins... though hes probably the best player to put with them. johnathan cheechoo 2.0

higgins- one of the worse corsis on the team. not himself. decent role player though

schroeder- haven't seen a lot but doesnt deserve the praise people are giving him. undersized centre that may or may not make an impact in the nhl

lappy- gained too much weight, not nearly as effective anymore

anybody think of anyone else? all of these players are overrated by the canucks community after reading a lot of threads and proposals on canucks.com.

this would be my list... thoughts?

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Man but imagine if we were as bad as the Penguins.

Sidney Crosby - always injured, doesn't get any points against the Bruins. Clearly declining

Evgeni Malkin - shoots lots but didn't score, must be because he's declining

Iginla - old and worse than he used to be, SERIOUS declining, might not re-sign.

Morrow - old and worse than he used to be. Serious declining, might not re-sign

Letang - Had one really bad series, so he's definitely declining.

Crosby + Malkin would only be worth Schneider + any of our obviously horrible forwards, nothing more.

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