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Glen Sather Considering Stepping Down?

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Ok, in all fairness these guys have been spot on the ball about just about every rumour that's been broken lately, including Eakins signing in Edmonton. This is a literal RUMOUR at this time and nothing more but it does echo some serious rumblings from New York Media outlets, so until I do find the link or tweet do not jump on me. I am searching desperately for the link to this RUMOUR. But the RUMOUR from a fairly spot on group of guys who also run a sweet hockey pool are saying New York Media is reporting Glen Sather is considering stepping down as GM but retaining the position of President of Hockey Operations with the New York Rangers. He has battled cancer and recently had a surgery to remove a tumour from his colon and some call his health into question regarding this. This is the only place I have heard this but when I find the story I will post the link. https://www.facebook.com/HockeyRandT?fref=ts

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