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[Proposal] Trying To Be Realistic

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Key word is trying lol

- Edler, Higgins, Schroeder to Pittsburgh for Neal, 3rd/4th

Pens get a dman with all the tools to be a #1 and solidify their backend which was a big reason to their upsetting post-season. Plus they get a B(+?) prospect to sweeten the deal and give up a key offensive contributor who can replaced with Higgins or the other talent they have.

- Luongo to Philly for Couturier

A straight 1-for-1 trade. Rumour has it Philly to buyout Bryz and they're in need of a goalie. Lu makes them instant contenders again and we get a perfect 3rd line shutdown centre for now/until he improves...he fricken shutdown Sidney Crosby for crying outloud, plus Philly can make up for the loss with B. Schenn there.

- Ballard & Booth to any team individually for either a 3rd or a 4th

Get rid of the contracts and get picks in a pretty deep draft.

- Sign Clowe 3 years, $4 mill each. Sign Streit 3 years, $3.5 mill each. Depth signing Douglas Murray

23 Man Roster:

Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Neil - Kesler - Clowe

Jensen - Couturier - Kassian

Sestito - Hendricks - Hansen


Hamhuis - Bieksa

Garrison - Streit

Corrado - Tanev

Alberts, Murray



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On the third line why would you put Kassian there? He is a terrible two way player and Hansen is better than him regardless. We are overpaying for the PIT trade take out Higgins and their picks. Then have Higgins instead of Jensen, Jensen to 2nd and Neil to 4th with Kassian and Hendricks.

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there is a difference between trying to be realistic and being realistic.

realistically Neal isnt leaving the pens

we wont get that much for Luongo

we might be able to move Booth but every team knows we are going to buy out Ballard so they wont offer anything for him

realistically this is what we can expect from MG

Luongo to Philly for Talbot and Laughton if they buy out bryz

buy-out Ballard



Higgins-Gordon/3rd line center-Hansen






i wont expect much more than that. MG said there would be big moves Gillman said there wont be. i dont trust MG so i dont think there will be any big moves.

we will probably just hire a new coach and trade Lu. thats about it. Gillis sucks and should be fired

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