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City mows down Blackhawks fan's "playoff lawn" after deeming it a health risk

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Blackhawks fan's 'playoff lawn' deemed health risk, mowed by city:

Many hockey fans around the world have taken to growing playoff beards of their own in solidarity with their favorite team. One Chicago Blackhawks fan, however, took to a new kind of growth to support his favorite team.

Frank Miller, of Park Ridge, Ill., was busy dealing with cleaning up a flooded basement and had not had the chance to maintain his yard, which was becoming overgrown. Then Miller realized his beloved local hockey team gave him a rather convenient excuse.

From CBS 2 Chicago:

“They're growing their playoff beards, so I just decided, you know what, it hit me: I'm going to make a playoff lawn and I'm going to make a sign for it and I'm going to embrace it So, embrace my ugly lawn,” Miller says.

Miller made a sign explaining his scheme, and others soon embraced his ugly lawn.

“People drive by, they beep, some people get out and take pictures with it. It's amazing to me,” he says.

Miller's sign read, “Playoff Lawn. Won't cut until Hawks win Cup!”

While friends and neighbors may have found the unruly yard clever, charming or funny, the city of Park Ridge did not. Citing that the lawn had become a health risk, due to providing a breeding ground for mosquitos, the city sent Miller a notice to cut it.

The letter went ignored, as Miller told CBS 2's Chris Martinez, because he thought it was the water bill.

Having not complied with the city's notice, Park Ridge went ahead and hired someone to cut Miller's lawn.

More from CBS 2:

“My son and I are watching the game and I hear a lawnmower going,” Miller says. “I think it's my neighbor cutting their lawn, and it started getting closer. And there's a guy cutting my grass with this giant industrial lawnmower.”

“I go, ‘Hey, what are you doing!' And he's like, ‘The city told me to come by and cut your lawn,' and I go, ‘They paid you to?' and he's like ‘Yeah.' I'm like, OK, that was the end of my playoff lawn.”

And so it was.

Could this spell disaster for the Blackhawks, who are about to duel the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup? Probably not, but it will cost Miller as city officials will be sending him a bill for the forced mowing.



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