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Say something positive challenge (read before posting)


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*warning, long thread because I only make new threads every 5 years or so*

Now I am never going to be accused of being Mr. Sunshine and rainbows but even I have a threshold. While I am not generalizing everyone, there are a few too many posters here that are clearly and constantly miserable and I wonder, what is the point?

This is a game, a toy and a hobby. It's like a friend who I finally forced to quit golf because he clearly hated every second he was out there. What are you doing if you are not having fun?

While I am quick to criticize some players and management I am still here because I am enjoying being a fan and post accordingly. When I see the same posters spam the same negative crap over and over, it gets me to wondering why they don't turn in their colours already and cheer for the Sabres or something?

I get wanting to win. I have been an unwavering fan since the 70's and know all about wanting it so bad I can taste it, but I never let that get in the way of being a fan of the team first and foremost. A critical thinking fan, but still a booster in the end.

So I challenge those here that never take a day off of the whining. Say something positive about this team. (and no, not a negative disguised as a positive like "AV fired, lol" or "we'll stink and they'll can Gillis, derp" But something truly positive and enjoyable about the team.)

I am not trying to tell anyone who or how they can be a fan, but if you can't do it then really spend some time evaluating what the hell you are doing here anyways? If I am not enjoying myself in my spare time, it better had be something I am being paid for, I am never going to be miserable for free.

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Great post....

Here's something positive that I tell my self all the time:

Excluding this years playoffs we had won more NHL games than any other team over the past 3 or 4 seasons.

As a fan I criticize but at the end of the day ... my canucks gave me more wins than the other 29 NHL teams. WHAT MORE COULD WE WANT?

And for every win there's usually a nice celebration big or small. Including drinks and other stuff obviously.

Thank you canucks for winning us so many games and cheering us up for so many nights. More than any other team in the NHL

Also another positive... we have the best goalie in the world ;) ( flame away lui haters)

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Cool post, OP.

Until the last few weeks, I think I made 1-2 posts and 3-4 visits to CDC in about 2 years. I got tired of being wrapped up the crap being spewed in Canucks Talk, and thought it best to step away. For the most part, I didn't miss it, but now that I have relaxed some, I am back, at least for a while.

I am a lifelong Canucks fan, and always will be. Having moved to Southern California won't change that at all.

Something positive about the team: I look forward to them every single year, even when things looked bleaker than they are now. Anything can happen, and the missing pieces to the Stanley Cup puzzle could fall into place at any moment.

Go Canucks GO!

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If things werent like this, and people werent so invested, the league would be no where near where it is.

People care and invest so much of their time and money to see the team actually succeed and do something right (management etc)

That is like owning a business and just being happy with failing miserably every year, its no fun to lose. Or like investors being unhappy with your company's results. Win and keep the fans happy, or else everyones arse is on the line. It's a business more than it is a game these days. The lockout and the greedy contracts prove it. Its not just a game anymore.

Hockey means much much more than just a game on tv. It impacts the economy, if the team isnt doing good, isnt making the playoffs, resturants will lose out on 20% + in some cases on their yearly revenue. Thats huge. (Note I dont have numbers, just remember it being a high number watching the news a long time ago, could of been higher)

It is frustrating watching the team take a dump on the ice and never adjust, game after game, year after year. But hey, it bothers me less and less as I'm getting turned off by the teams heart, and the league as a whole. I dont lose sleep over hockey, I dont empty my wallet out for hockey now either, but I have every right to be pissed off if I chose to.

But yes to an extent I do agree with you, some people do constantly get annoying with their posts, but yeah at the end of the day, it's their right.

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I complain about certain aspects of the team because I am not satisfied with them. For the last few years the Canucks have been a true contender but have ultimately failed to win their first championship which is frustrating, especially for long time followers who have invested lots of time, emotions, and money. Once you have decided to become a fan of a certain team and have cheered for them, hoped for them, cried for them, or whatever, especially if you've been a fan for a lot of years it would be practically impossible to simply jump ship and feel the same way about a different team. Speaking for myself, emotionally I'm locked in with the Canucks for better or worse. I dont always like the team but I will always love them.

For the positive. The Canucks (and hockey in general) are a great source of entertainment during the season, even if the product isn't always very exciting. CDC is a great forum for debate or argument etc., which is almost always a good way to pass the time during the season/offseason, or playoffs.

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that every player coach, scout and management group, want to win the cup......like every other team, that is the goal every year...

that regardless of how badly we fail, these people can be criticized but not disrespected....we might criticize our mother's cooking, but we don't disrespect her....

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