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Wouldn't mind seeing

Kesler + Edler


Couturier + Voracek + 1st


Could either keep that! Or flip it and go


Luongo + Phi 1st


New Jersey 1st

^ that guarantees that you get either

Jones mackinnon drouin nichushkin barkov lindholm Monahon nurse shinkaruk


Schneider + Phi 1st


Colorado 1st = mackinnon

Cap allows us to get streit or another star defense

Just playin around if any of these happened what would you think? I feel they are realistic, probably wouldn't happen, but it is fair and realisitic

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That trade is risky, but I feel it is fair.

We would lose a second line C though and our C depth would be scary next year.

As Couts might not be ready to anchor our 2nd line yet.

Adding Voracek, Sean C, and Sean M would be great though.

This would be a long term impact deal for us and it would not make us a better team in the short term.

" He earned his first point in the NHL in his 3rd game, on October 12 against the Vancouver Canucks in a primary assist for a goal by Jakub Voracek." Kinda Ironic.


Booth- ?? -Voracek/Burrows/Kassian


Our C position for the future would look great as Sean Monahan is going to be like Logan Couture I think 2 years after drafting or in his 3rd , Voracek is entering his prime but still young, and Sean is a year or two from breaking out

Like I said risky trade would need to be followed with another trade potentially or a few signings.

But it is almost like a quick rebuild as we lose a top C a top D, and add 2 potential top Cs and a top W, while keeping our draft pick as well.

Interesting though

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These trades are risky; but if MG could pull his head out of his !@# he could see that he has the assets to pull this off.

Only thing though. If we get Couturier and Voracek I think you make Jensen and Gaunce trade assets and could probably use the one or both of them instead of Schnieder and still get the 1st from Colorado.

Than either keep Schnieds or try to trade him plus someone else to maybe get another pick in the top 5-8

One other thing. We would need Kesler to waive his NTC.

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