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Report: Canucks interview Tortorella


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at first I was like... oh god.... please no...

but, the more I think about it, if everyone in the organization truely believe that the on ice personnel is talented enough to get the job done, then perhaps a complete 180 in coaching philosophy is something that would spark the group. The two things really missing from the team were secondary scoring depth, and compete level. MG needs to help with the scoring additions still, but Torts can certainly get the compete level up, especially while the message is fresh.

Its also a way to leave the roster alone, save a Luongo deal, and still really provide a major overhaul to the on ice performance.

I honestly have to say that with all the other coaches available, Torts would be the one that Id have no idea the effect, and the most interested to observe the result.... Definatley wouldnt be missing the post game comments. pure entertainment, and a coach thatll leave nothing to the imagination or have to read between the lines.

Although he may be belidgerent, it would be somehow refreshing imo.

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