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Bettman: "The officials in this league are the best in the world"

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Posting this so you guys can have a good laugh.

@markhmasters 4m

Bettman on officiating: 'Officials in this league are best in the world ... they have the most difficult job'

@markhmasters 3m

Bettman on officiating: 'It's been consistent thru this season & last few years'


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Well the MLB suspended an official this year.

The NBA refs bet money on the games.

The NFL had that lovely rent a ref system while the real ones were on strike.

I guess by comparison they aren't so bad :lol:

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In all seriousness, does Bettman not know BEFORE making a statement like this that this wouldn't go over well? I mean, he's not a stupid guy. Sure, he's a terrible commissioner, but he's not stupid. He's not fooling anybody saying this, so why dig himself into a hole? I just don't get it.

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