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[Value Of] Clarkson

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Gordon would be a nice replacement for Max but Hendricks is not really an everyday 3rd liner at this point of his career.

He's injured so he can't be bought out. We might be able to trade him though but I doubt we get anything of real value.

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really? didn't see that....honest question...too bad... i think we need him. really hate how mg gets rid of guys who show grit and heart in the playoffs.

can't wait to see him try and trade back for him at the deadline

keep letting the few guys who play hard in the playoffs and hit walk MG, just like Torres

who was the guy on our team who had the most hits last year...on a team lacking physical play

oh ya, the guy MG is letting walk, again...

well done mg, well done

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Oh yeah, the grit and heart player who was an absolute abomination in the faceoff dot.  33% is unacceptable from a guy who is supposed to be a shut down player. If MG is letting Lappy walk, its for this reason.

I'd like Lappy back, but not if he is going to be a bottom-6 center.

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