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Futureshop Online Offer (ENDS TONIGHT)


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Since there are so many great titles coming out, Futureshop has an E3 offer right now where if you pre-order any 3 new releases, you can get up to $20 off per game.

For example, I pre-ordered Watchdogs, COD: Ghosts, and Battlefield 4 all for the price of $39.99 each. This applies to any PS4, Xbox One, or PS3/XBOX 360 game.

There full details are on the Futureshop website so definitely check it out! It's worth the time to save a quite a bit of money on new games ;)

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I think it was Eastern so it probably ended 9PM PST. Which means, I posted at 8 30 so if I actually read the title fully, I could've got the offer :(

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