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[value of] briere

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Speculation is that Philly might buy out Briere of his 6.5 mil contract.

Small passing center, who always shows up in the playoffs.

He is getting older, but would a short term deal be a easy option to put

Between Kesler and booth?




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His contract is a little unpredictable because he will still get his Flyers money so he could do a favor and sign cheap or just ask for his value which would probably be ballpark 3-4 million.

IMO Vancouver is a long shot to land Briere because of location. He has 3 teenage kids who he shares with his ex wife and all aren't going to uproot and move to Vancouver so many speculate he would just resign in a North Eastern city since most Atlantic teams are within 1-2 hour drives of each other. It's also speculated that is why he was refusing to waive his NMC even when the Flyers struggled and after the buyout talks started.

With that being said if Briere can play like he did a few years ago he would be a great signing for Vancouver but personally I feel they will just get Briere from the last couple years and if Canucks fans got that he would quickly become one of the most hated players on the roster. Injury prone, embarassingly bad on defense, prone to taking bad penalties (has a not so suttle dirty edge), rapidly declining offensive production. We also called Briere Mr. Invisible in Philly because some games you literally wouldn't even notice him.

If I was the Canucks I would avoid him unless he was signing dirt cheap because I truly feel his career is basically over but I have certainly been wrong before.

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