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Alberta Toxic Waste Spill Could Be Biggest in NA History

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See Europe. Particularly the Scandinavian countries and Germany. Government incentives at corporate level for alternative energy production (solar/wind farms etc) and government incentives at the private level encouraging the installation of solar panels etc.

It's called progressive government that is proactive to positive change. It's a stark contrast to our reactive wait until it's already a huge problem governing that people seem to prefer over here. Everyone's opposed to higher taxes on "negative" things like oil (gas taxes, carbon taxes etc) to subsidize alternative energy research, infrastructure etc. But they fail to realize that it's going to cost a lot more money 10, 20 and 30 years from now when we're FORCED to react to the problem.

We should be utilizing the position of strength we have now with our oil industry to help pay for the infrastructure we'll need when it's gone. It would also be nice to not need as much of the stuff 10-20 years from now when it's value/cost will be even higher. Then we could sell it to countries who didn't plan as well for top dollar an use that money to keep propelling ourselves further in technology, alternative energy etc. At this rate though, I doubt it will happen.

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lol you guys realize there is thousands of miles of pipelines already and hundreds of oils tankers right? try this. Stop doing everything you do because Oil is used for everything. look at all the oil on the roads you drive on. everyday spill spill spill.

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