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[Report] Miks Indrasis invited to Canucks prospect camp


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2012 World Championship: Miks Indrasis, Latvia

If you haven’t heard the name Miks Indrasis yet, keep your eyes and ears open. The undrafted 6-3, 196-pound winger has already made some considerable noise in his first two games for Team Latvia at the 2012 World Championships, having scored a goal against Russia in a surprisingly tight 5-2 loss and then chipping in a goal and an assist in a 3-2 victory over Germany. Most impressive is the confidence he’s been able to show on the ice with the puck on his stick.

Hockey’s Future had a chance to talk to a very jovial Indrasis after his big debut victory with the Latvian men’s team.

Hockey’s Future: OK, just to start things off, how do you pronounce your name?

Miks Indrasis: It’s like ‘Mix In-draw-sheez’. You need to emphasis the ‘draw-sheez’ part.

HF: Ok, good stuff. Well you’ve had an amazing start to your tournament. What has it been like for you thus far?

MI: I am very happy with things now and I definitely did not expect this kind of start. Now I feel great and really confident.

HF: You’ve had a goal in each game and you added a nice assist today as well. Are you surprised with your offensive output thus far?

MI: Yes, but I have been working very, very hard on my offensive game and learning how to make an impact with the skills I have.

HF: Your style of play here has exuded confidence and you like to lead the rush and work in the corners. Do have a favorite player whose game you like to emulate?

MI: Well it’s not really like just one player. I have three or four favorites. One of them is definitely Evgeni Malkin. Another is Pavel Datsyuk.

HF: Good role models to base your game on. How was that then for you to play your first ever WC game at the men’s level against exactly those two players?

MI: It was an absolutely incredible experience. I was just sitting there on the bench and watching everything they did. There’s so much they do that I want to combine into my game. They have so many ideas. They are so smart and creative.

HF: How do you like working with Coach Ted Nolan?

MI: It’s wonderful. He’s a really nice guy who cares and takes time to advise you about what you do and what you can do better. The first time he saw me play he immediately talked to me and discussed my possibilities. I really liked him right away.

HF: And he liked you?

MI: Thankfully, yes. He was able to recognize things about my game that I often thought or wondered about, but that many other coaches never talked to me about.

HF: So is it your dream to one day be in the NHL?

MI: Oh yes, of course. I have to laugh a bit at the question, because there’s no doubt about that.

HF: Tell me a bit about what you did this past season?

MI: Well, I split the season between Metalurg Liepajas in Belarus and HK Riga in the Russian MHL, which is one level below the KHL. My start wasn’t too good. The statistics were okay, but things were not so perfect. There were some problems for me in the environment there. Then in December, I was able to return back to my home club in Riga and my play improved considerably. I felt like I was back at home and things were more comfortable. Of course, Riga is a lovely city and home is home. I was simply able to find my way back to my game without outside interference.

HF: The player pool in Latvia isn’t that big. Do you know some of the younger, draft-eligible Latvians like Teodors Bluegers, Rudolfs Kalvitis or the highly talented underager, Rihards Bukarts?

MI: I know of Bluegers, but we don’t know each other. I’m not that familiar with the boys currently playing in North America. I do know Rihards. I like him very much. He’s the younger brother of my teammate here, Roberts Bukarts, who is the same age as me. We also played together this season for HK Riga.

HF: Do you already know where you will be next season?

MI: Um, Dinamo Riga, I hope.

HF: So you do have a contract with the club?

MI: Yes.

HF: OK. But if an NHL team would invite you to its prospects camp this summer, would you go?

MI: I think so, yes. I mean, actually of course. I would definitely jump on that opportunity


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Gillis out GMed by Gillis?

Hmmm looks promising. Gillis out GM'd the 29 other GMs :frantic:

I doubt Gillis had a whole lot to do with it other than listening to the scouting department's suggestion of an invite or signing. An invite is really low risk, so a good move none the less, but should Miks Indrasis pan out I would give the credit to the scouts.

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He definitely has a sick set of hands. Well.... I'm looking forward to the prospects tourney even more now.

If I am not mistaken, this is only an invite to the Summer Development Camp next month.

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If I am not mistaken, this is only an invite to the Summer Development Camp next month.

Even so, one would think that should he not disappoint he would get an invite to carry on in the camps. I doubt they would bring him over if they didn't think he could make it to at least the prospects tournament.

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Worth a shot. Glad to see management widening their prospect search.

Although he isn't really protected in any way from

A Wayne Gretzky phone call.

A tweet from Justin Schultz

Maybe Nail will invite him over for a vodka and some borscht.

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Kid is still 22, hes developing in KHL which is awesome, but it lacks levels of development.

If he shows signs at camp to earn him a contract putting him on a diet and physical training program while developing with out coaches and system with our new farm team could be huge for him, he could easily pack on 5-15 pounds this summer and next.

I for one am excited, as this player looks to be offensively exciting, shows promise, is free and has no risk, hope this turns out to be a diamond in the rough!

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KHL success doesn't mean NHL success, lets hope he knows how to use his big frame. Sounds like he could be in the same talent era as Jensen, Kassian and Gaunce which makes the Canucks look mighty scary up front. Time to get some giants on defence, fill the rest out with fast skilled guys and our new core is set.

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