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36 minutes ago, Diamonds said:

I think I remember hearing a few years ago that if you play Junior in Canada the CHL gives you a scholarship to go to a Canadian university when you finish your junior career. So while it might not be quite the same as going the NCAA route, there is still opportunity.

well thats correct, basically any CIS college. nothing against Canadian education, but how cool would it to play hockey in Miami, New York, you name it. seems to be a great opportunity to get a decent education and have a cool life experience. 

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I'm amazed at how far the NCAA collegiate route has grown. they've done a good work among a lot of young hockey players and I think the league will continue to grow and have more kids decide to go that way. NCAA has been a good alternative league for some. gaining a good education. but also just being able to jump straight to the AHL after they're done (if they've been drafted that is by an NHL club). the CIS just really hasn't done a very good job. it's more the junior level here in Canada. in the US. more the collegiate route. 

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On Tuesday, January 26, 2016 at 5:36 PM, Nas19 said:

Yes I believe for every year you play in the CHL you get one year paid for post-secondary. So 4 years of junior = 4 years of schooling paid for. Books and everything.

You actually don't even have to play for the whole year. I have a friend who played only a few games in the CHL over a few years and he has gotten almost his entire post secondary education paid for. As long as they burn a card on you, you get the full year of paid schooling. So you can make the team at the start of the year, play 5 games and get cut, and still get a full year of schooling paid for.

Here's the catch for the CHL...IMO. In junior you have to combine a time consuming and heavy travel schedule with keeping up with your high school work to graduate which is a tall order and too tall for many who simply can't manage so never graduate from High school...so right there they can't go to a CIS league or enroll in Uni. Plus.... and I just heard this from Ferraro. You have to attend university with 12-18 months after leaveing the CHL. So many kids cominmg out of junior have the chnace to play Pro in Europe and have a life experience thus fail to qualify for a Cdn Uni. If you're serious about education the NCAA seems like a better bet....and then go play in Europe

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