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[Report] Ronalds Kenins invited to Canucks prospect camp

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I was doing some digging with Miks Indrasis, and came across a few tweets/articles saying that this guy had been invited to camp along with Indrasis. Here's one of them (with Google Translate):


The Lions' forward, Ronalds Kenins, to the camp of the Canucks

ZURICH - Among the young players in the Swiss championship that will take part in the training camps with the formation of the NHL there will also be the Latvian forward with Swiss license Ronalds Kenins, 22, under the ZSC Lions.

The young man - author of 25 points last season in 57 games - was in fact invited to the summer camp of the Vancouver Canucks, franchise still looking for a head coach.

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I wish I'd had the time to go down and watch the scrimmages live.

I had a feeling that this guy might be one of the more impressive invited players. The limited video and articles/statements I could dig-up on him when the invite was announced seemed to suggest he was a player with the many of the qualities necessary to succeed in North American hockey. While I definitely viewed him as nothing more than a long shot, I still held out some hope that he could show enough during prospects camp to receive further invites (to main camp, etc) or even to potentially earn a contract from the Canucks (although most likely initially to play for Utica)

Nice to read all the positive reports (both here and on other websites). It's only one day and one scrimmage but it seems like Kenins had a very good showing (I'm hearing that he scored one goal and was a big part of another) that might have done enough to turn some heads. Hopefully, he continues to impress (and not only for people on message boards but for Canucks staff as well).

Definitely a guy to keep an eye on. Hope he's still around (and still impressing people) for the Penticton tourney in September.

This would be an excellent year for Vancouver's scouting departments (both professional and amateur) to connect on a few more hits than their usual batting average and bring in new faces that provide legitimate opportunities for the potential signings of players who are ready to step-in and fill roster spots (both for Vancouver and for Utica).

So far, I'm cautiously optimistic about this summer's crop of new players (depth signings, invites, etc). There might be a diamond in the rough lurking out there. Hopefully, there will continue to be positive and noteworthy performances by many of the new faces (including Kenins) over the next several weeks (during the camps, tourney, preseason, etc).

Regardless of what happens with Kenins, the offseasons from now on are going to be more interesting as the Canucks not only continue to work to fill their own roster and prospect pool, but the organization now will also have full authority over the goings on with the team's AHL affiliate (and will be filling that roster as well).

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he looked good but hes been a pro for a few seasons now.  it showed in him and tommernes' play.  i want to see them in main camp when guys are closing gaps quicker and they have less time to make a play.  especially coming from international ice; i think the speed of the guys at main camp will be more difficult for tommernes to adjust to than kenins but it will be another level compared to yesterdays scrimmage.

I'd like to add in the fact that we're talking about a tryout player and a 7th round draft pick here... not generally who you'd expect to stand out but what a great feeling knowing we have high end prospects on the way; while the underdogs are going to get good long looks this offseason.

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He's 6'0", and had 25 pts in 57 games (regular season + playoffs) so I don't know where you got that from. But yes, in all likelihood he won't do much, as is the case with most prospect camp invitees. It doesn't hurt to bring 'em over and give them a shot, though.

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