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Why do you guys dislike the Bruins?

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I don't, now...

But I hated the way the Canucks got beat and beat up by them in 2011. I hated the way our team did not stand up to them. I hated the way our team didn't stand up for each other. I hated the way the Bruins seemed to be injuring our players without repercussion. I hated the way the Canadian national media seemed to favour the Bruin players over our players. Mostly, I hated the way we played and lost the series. It was embarrassing, and I hate being embarrassed.

Truth is, watching the Bruins in the playoffs this past year I have come to respect they're play and like many of their players including the likes of Lucic and Bergeron (not Marchant yet).

Truth is I'd rather beat Chicago than Boston.

And, the truth is I will always hate that self absorbed arrogant @#@#@ Tim Thomas.

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I don't like them because they are only successful when the refs put the whistles away and don't call penalties that are always penalties any other time. They make a living on hooking, holding and interference. Their D is crap if they aren't allowed to hold and interfere.

However, I personally think Bergeron is the best player in the game right now, and I like DK and Lucic. Marchand is a douche, but a good player. But, he also is a prime example of how they get away with murder.

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you wana know why

1. the fans

2. there silly commentators homer media

and finally 3- that goofball who does the fist pumps after singing the national anthem

4- don cherry

5- referees give them the edge (Hudson Bay Rules)

6- Juilians face and attitude

7. brad marchand

8. did i mention the fans who beat up canuck fans when they went down to watch the games?


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Bergeron: Whines like a little bitch from a bite on the finger, yet is somehow "tough" enough to play through a collapsed lung?

Lucic: Ryan Miller.

Campbell: Daddy's boy

Marchand: The guy's so easy to hate, it's a wonder his parents didn't let him starve to death

McQuaid: Hides behind Thornton when it's time to get the living ***** beaten out of him.

Boychuck: Breaks a guy's back

Ferrence: People who aren't breathing trash don't flip fans off.

Chara: Dirty as hell, yet flops like a fish when he thinks he can get a penalty

Julien: Obviously encourages this team to play like the scumbags they are.

Jacobs: Major force behind the lockout

Chiarelli: Whines like the rest of his team when Iggy decides he doesn't want to play there

The fans: Accuse Raymond of faking a broken back

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I don't hate the B's any more than I hate the Islanders or the Rags. The Canucks lost all 3 of those series and that's that. None of the 3 are really Canucks rivals anyway. Canucks-Bruins isn't exactly Celtics-Lakers. I don't even think about the Bruins if they aren't facing the Canucks, but, I will admit to being slightly jealous of the passion shown by their douchebag fans. Chicago, too.

But, I do not necessarily "dislike" either team, and for the most part, don't even think about them unless they're playing the Canucks. I'm far too busy "liking" Vancouver to worry about "disliking" any other squad with nearly as much passion.

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