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[Rumor]- Montreal Philly working on a blockbuster?

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You can't argue that he is tough. He is soft just watch him play does he go in the corners? No he gets rendered ineffective whenever a team plays physical like most skill guys. That was my whole point.

I guess you could debate how dirty he is. Or if he is just like Duncan Keith in that he just loses it sometimes but has a reputation of not being an aggressive player.

Can't decide if you are a huge fan of Plekanec or just trolling.

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You've changed your criticism of him. No, I never said he was tough, I never said he was aggressive. I said he was a solid two way 2C who plays the hard minutes against other teams best lines and was Montreals best penalty killing forward. I never said the trade makes sense.

YOU said he was a dirty flake who is known to slew foot and I challenged that statement. You've done nothing to support your arguement. In fact you just keep changing your arguements as I challenge them.

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Oh, well, mentioned on another message board with no substantiating proof must make it true. I challenged you to show me proof and all you could come with was him taking two penalties against rival teams who ARE known to be dirty. I watch pretty much every Montreal game and pretty much every Canucks game. I can see an arguement to say Subban is dirty, hell, maybe even Pacioretty. But Plekanec is probably the last guy that would come to mind for me. Yeah, He was suspended for two games in 2009 for the Krecji incident you found. That clearly must indicate a pattern of sociopathic behaviour

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The key of that discussion is that he is sneaky dirty. Most of the stuff he does is after the whistle and in scrums when the ref isn't looking.

He is known for his dirty stick work and taking hacks and slashes at guys and getting his stick up. He probably slew footed a guy at one point or another too.

Whether you care to admit or not. Plekanec is soft and small and because of that he has to result to dirty tactics and when challenged with physical play he shrinks.

Bottom line I'm sure plenty of teams would have him like you mentioned that he is good 2 ways but his being soft trumps all that.

Which is why the Flyers wouldn't want him.

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I love the Flyers, hate the Canadiens. I am not a fan of Coburn but I love Wayne Simmonds and I will be sad to see him leave Philly. He loves it there! He even said the best day of his career was when he found out he was a Flyer.

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I never said Philly should want him.They're more than set at center. Believe what you want about him. I think he's a very solid 2C that several teams would love to have. And for the record, Kesler will NEVER be up for a Lady Bing Trophy either. He's a known whiner and diver. But most teams would be happy to have a healthy Kesler. Food for thought. I'm out.

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People here seems really high on Beaulieu. From what i've seen, he's been playing with a really good St-John's team before his draft. He was unimpressive in his WHJC experience and hasn't really developpe as much as they hoped last year in Hamilton.

Also Beaulieu as other external issues that could alter his development. I don't know if that story was posted on CDC but take a look at this. Montreal would probably be happy to get rid of him rightaway while he might still have some value.


They’re a hockey family through and through, but now Sarnia Sting head coach Jacques Beaulieu and his son Nathan, a Montreal Canadiens prospect, are accused of assaulting two men.

After an incident in which hockey memorabilia was destroyed at a Strathroy house party Saturday night, Jacques Beaulieu, 45, and his 20-year-old son, Nathan, each face two assault charges, police said Tuesday.

“There’s two victims and (Jacques and Nathan Beaulieu) are each charged with one count of assault against each victim,” Strathroy Caradoc deputy chief Mark Campbell said.

Nathan Beaulieu was in Montreal on Tuesday and police are awaiting his arrival in Strathroy.

“The ball is in Nathan’s court to come back in a timely fashion. I think by later this week he’ll be here,” said Campbell, adding police spoke to the player’s Windsor-based lawyer, Patrick Ducharme, about the charges.

Ducharme told The Free Press he’ll have Nathan return to turn himself in and “receive the paperwork” as soon as possible.

Asked if a reporter could contact the player, he said, “I want Nathan just thinking about what he has to do right now.”

Jacques Beaulieu — who Monday was named a finalist for Ontario Hockey League coach of the year — declined comment Monday and Tuesday.

The charges come as NHL playoffs are set to start. Nathan Beaulieu has recently been called up from the American Hockey League’s Hamilton Bulldogs to the Canadiens, who begin their post-season Thursday against the Ottawa Senators.

Campbell said the incident occurred after the Beaulieus and others at the party had attended a golf tournament in the area.

The men who were assaulted weren’t seriously injured, but “there was some slight bruising, some shirts were ripped,” he said.

“There was an altercation that resulted after an argument,” Campbell said.

A man associated with the group told The Free Press a dispute broke out after hockey memorabilia was destroyed at the home on Saxton Rd., where the group had gathered.

When another guest told the person destroying the memorabilia to stop, the guest was struck out at by a man who came to the defence of the person destroying the memorabilia, said the man associated with the group.

Campbell said that account was “fairly consistent” with police information. “Sounds like you have a pretty good source,” he said.

After the first assault, the man fled and called police. Meanwhile, “the second victim who had been inside was then confronted and a second assault occurred on him . . . ” Campbell said.

“The first victim left the house fearful the assaults were going to continue,” Campbell said.

By the time police arrived, the Beaulieus had left the party, Campbell said. The following day, Jacques Beaulieu turned himself in to the station to be charged but Nathan Beaulieu had left for Montreal.

Jacques Beaulieu has co-operated fully with police and is set to appear in court June 11, said Campbell, and until then he’s under conditions that ban him from contacting either man.

Beaulieu’s coaching career includes stints as Dale Hunter’s assistant with the London Knights and as head coach of the Quebec league’s Saint John Sea Dogs.

Montreal Canadiens spokesperson Donald Beauchamp said the team couldn’t comment on the situation.

The Sting released a statement on Twitter, saying “The Sarnia Sting are aware of the situation regarding Jacques Beaulieu. This is a personal legal matter and for that reason we can not comment further.”

When reached for comment, team governor Rob Ciccarelli directed all questions to the statement.

It’s an unfortunate case, said Campbell, noting many in Strathroy hold the Beaulieus in high regard.

“They both have a unique standing in the community because of their professions. There are a lot of people in the community that look up to hockey players and elite level coaches,” he said. “But (in policing) you let the evidence take you where it takes you.”



– with files from Paul Owen, Sarnia Observer

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