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[Proposal] Bold, Radical Change - UnGillis Like & Unlikely.

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Decent proposal, but I would probably take a defenceman instead of Ott.

Maybe Jamie McBain, his cap hit i around 750,000 I believe, and he's a solid, young guy who would fit well into our 5-6 spot.

Buffalo has at least 9 NHL ready D-men, so they will need to move one or 2 if they add Edler.

Myers would be a good grab too, but his cap hit is 5.5m which might be tough to take on, although his salary actually goes down every year and is less than the cap hit after next season. He had a front-end loaded deal with a big bonus last year. We could use a beast like him on the back end.

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If I was to give that up as Buffalo I would probably be pushing for more young elite prospects in return but still even myself who tends to like aggressive moves would be cautious. It would be kind of a final hoorah cup push for the Canucks before really forcing a rebuild and even with the return the Canucks would certainly still be playing it risky. Vanek would likely have to play with Kesler otherwise the 2nd line is average at best. The 3rd line has pretty solid potential though if Kass shows he is continuing to develop. The defense is really the biggest concern as it is thin. In the playoffs the Canucks may really have to push Hamhuis though Miller has had some practice playing without a defense all those years in Buffalo.

The biggest reason it's a risk though is H. Sedin, D. Sedin, Vanek, Miller, and Ott will all be UFA at the seasons end and depending on who they can resign and how much they are asking there is a risk that the Canucks could easily end up with one of the rawest rosters in the NHL the next season. Not even a retool situation but a full on years drawn rebuild.

But for what it's worth if they don't take any aggressive moves this season or next they will just end up being and average team year after year with a half built team that can't stand up against the aggressive stacked teams.

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