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Why did Ebbett get all the hate he did?


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I'm just wondering this... Why did he deserve all the hate he got when he was with us?

He was used wrong and AV thought he'd be good as a 3rd line center but it didn't work, now all of the Canucks fans despise him.

Why I ask? He did fine in my opinion on the 4th.. he wasn't a big guy but he made no mistakes and provided the 4th line with a consistent body out there.

I say good luck to Ebbett with Pittsburgh because I guess I'm the only one that actually liked him when he was with the Canucks.

He didn't deserve to be the scape goat.

Some could argue Edler deserved it more than he did...

Good luck to Ebbett on his future in the NHL.

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Because CDC fans are some of the most fickle fans in a hockey fanbase. It reflects poorly on the team and there are so many whiners on these boards.

Ebbett was a hometown boy too for Vancouver.

He was a hard-worker but I thought that AV really did not have a clue about player management.

I guess you could blame it on the player though and say "he didn't take the opportunity". AV just doesn't know how to make a player successful. He doesn't teach.

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Oh, I forgot the copious amounts of blame we shoveled onto our 2nd line centre, 3rd line centre, 4th line centre, anybody's name that started in "D," Fin the mascot, other teams fans, members of the local media, members of the national media, Canucks fans we disagreed with, fellow Canucks fans happened to agree with but beat us to the punch by posting our thoughts before we could get them out, radio talk show hosts, the philipino lady selling the hot dogs....

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More or less because he was taking ice time Schroeder should have. It wasn't the fact that Ebbett was bad (he wasn't, though wasn't great) it was that the ice time should have gone to one of our younger players like Schroeder

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