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I finally have it figured out....


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I have been harassed by the actual scrubs of CDC for a while now and it finally makes sense to me. Durl is Daryl, Deadman is Murl and naslund.is.king is that Carol. Durl was jealous that he isn't in a cool club like us fruits and he lashed out and was after me and when I came back at him, Naslun.is.king/Carol who secretly is in love with Durl started come at me too. Then Murl got involved and Murl/The Deadman came in a protected his brother Durl. So there you have it, the deadman is a racist,killing,redneck, naslund.is.king is a women that has been unfairly abused and Durl is a redneck that noone trused at first but then people gradually started to like him especially naslund. Also naslund has a vibrator that she admitted missing

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