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Netflix !


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Dexter. Da Vinci's Demons, Mad Men, Homeland and Suits are good dramas. The League, Workaholics and How I met your mother are good comedies.

Although, I'm not sure all or any of them are on netflix

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Firefly (+ Serenity)


Arrested Development

House of Cards

Not a TV show but I watched a pretty decent Sci-Fi movie on there the other night, staring Sam Rockwell, called 'Moon.'

It was pretty original and had a good plot.

Moon is awesome. Safety Not Guaranteed is another good indie sci-fi on Netflix, but it's more of a dramedy than science fiction.

Watch Robocop.

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Google Chrome + Hola Unblocker Extension = AWESOME WATCHING EXPERIENCE (Hulu, US/CAN Netflix etc...)


US Netflix stopped working on my PS3 and I could never find a way to watch it on my laptop.

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Prison break was very good.

But theres only one answer to this question: LOST

Honestly the best tv show ever made. It was much more than a tv show and you will finish six seasons in a month if you start.

Nothing compares: prison break, breaking bad, walking dead, and even game of throned.

Watch LOST now, you won't regret it

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Prison break would be perfect!

It's a better show than Breaking Bad.

LOL. I watched both, waiting for 2nd half of season for Breaking Bad. Prison Break was awesome, but not even close.

Sons of Anarchy is great.

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No worries, I thought everyone knew this. Sometimes they block the dns so you have to wait awhile for a dns update from the app... It's on all my machines...

I changed my dns multiple times on my Laptop, but when I went to the Netflix site it redirected me to some random site on which I needed a trial.
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