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[Proposal] Andrew Alberts why not sign him?

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Whats the deal with not re signing Alberts by now? We don't have anyone on d who is able to handle the Bickel's and the Bufyglien's of the league. Andrew was impressive when he got his chances last season. I think MG should be signing him because right now our D looks like this

Edler Bieksa

Hamhuis Tanev

Garri Corrado

_____ Weber

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We have Garrison who can handle those players just fine. IMO our offence may suck, but we have a really good D core and Alberts may not fit in to that plan.

Our Top 7





Tanev (hopefully)



Never thought I'd see the day when we have more RD in our top 7 than LD

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So ya those are the guys named. Gari might be capable but then who else? signing him for a mill and a bit wouldn't be a bad insurance policy. Gari is still not as bad ass as Alberts in the corners or infront of the net though he's a much more skilled defenceman.

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I doubt Corrado is ready for a full season. Technically we only have 5 full time nhl d men if you count Tanev who I'm on the fence about Frankly if he were offersheeted I might take the picks. Tanman is one big hit away from concussion issues. I seriously don't know how he gets up from some of the hits he takes? He wont be able to do that forever. its great that he's calm with the puck but he can't shoot or hit like I probably could count every hit and shot he took last season on my fingers and toes.

We have 4 players to sign to make 23 player roster. And 5.14mill cap room

Shredder 1.3mill

Wiese 800k

Tanev 1.6mill If he's offer sheeted more compensation is a 2nd rnd pick I'd take it.

Which leaves 1.4mill more than enough to sign Alberts.

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I understand you're point, but with a 23 man roster, it wouldn't be wise to have 8 D men. All of those players have the skill to be in the NHL.

I wouldn't mind giving Alberts a spot over Corrado because of his physicality, but Corrado meets that "youth" plan MG is talking about so I don't see Alberts signing here.

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