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If there was no CAP

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I know that in some of the other major sports their is no cap, and that it would be stupid and unfair to place in the NHL, but if there WAS no cap i have some questions...

In 5 years, would some teams be run out of business because they can not afford key players? (To sell tickets and make the playoffs) If so how many teams would be able to compete?

Who would have the strongest teams? Because they are desirebale and loaded with money...

Would this help Vancouver or not...?

Would it ruin the game?

Would you want no cap?

Also, if there were less teams because of this, wouldn't it make for better hockey? Because there is more talent on less teams, that would be fun to watch.

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Since the Canucks are one of the rich teams I would not mind if there was no cap. Also, if having no cap weeded out the dead weight teams of the league I think that would be a plus. The NHL is a watered down product as it stands today.

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The cap was introduced because of revenue differences across markets.

Ie you can go to a game in Anaheim or pretty much most cities in the states for 20-30 bucks a probably get a free dog and a pepsi at the same time.

You can get 2 beers in Toronto for that price

Because hockey is 4th tier sport in the US pricing has to be that way other than "hockey markets" like Detroit, Chicago, Boston, NYR etc.

As a result, you'd have some teams (the richest) being able to outbid everyone else and then you'd have a handful of all star teams and a bunch of AHL teams in the same league.

What's the result? Well that's easy to figure out, the weaker markets (were already low revenue to begin with) now can't even entertain their fans/win, so fewer fans come, and it becomes a vicious circle.

Eventually teams fold and you have a 10 team NHL.

Perhaps that's better, who knows but if you want 30 plus teams, you need a cap for the above reason.

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As wealthy as they are, they're still the "poor cousins" of MLSE, the NY Rangers, Comcast, etc.

Without a salary cap, there will be some perpetually weaker teams like how Calgary and Edmonton were during the 90's. Constantly losing star players in UFA.

It just kinda sucks how when there was no salary cap, the Canucks ownership were either penny-pinching or it was economically unfeasible to sign top FA's.

Now when the Canucks have owners who are more willing to spend more cash, they're strapped by the salary cap.

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Not only that but they also spent a (I'm assuming) good chunk of change on other things to benefit the team which do not count towards the cap. Sleep doctors, state of the art dressing room/gym, etc., etc..

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