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While Jagr isn't the same player he was in the '90s, he's still pretty damn impressive.

At age 41, he's now put-up back-to-back regular seasons at around 0.75 points per game (since his return to the NHL).

Beyond those strong conventional scoring stats (his 35 points put him at #15 overall for NHL RWers in 2012-13), Jagr's underlying numbers and advanced stats were at a similarly high level. The past two seasons, while getting favourable zone starts, he's also faced some high quality of competition and managed to put-up very good possession and events numbers (Corsi, Fenwick, etc). Not only has he been successful in the expected situations, playing with talent like Giroux, Benn, Morrow, and Eriksson, but even when playing on a guy like Gregory Campbell's wing, Jagr's presence more than doubled that line's scoring rate while decreasing on-ice goals-against (Jagr with Campbell actually produced on-ice offensive rates--1.413 GF20 to be exact--similar to the Sedins in their best seasons). Overall, Jagr's on-ice minutes at 5v5 produced team numbers of nearly one goal and twenty Corsi events per twenty minutes EVTOI (which is basically a first line rate of offense).

Even this postseason, with the zero goals some posters have been overly focused on, he still managed to put-up 10 assists (tying him for 6th in helpers during the postseason) in 22 games.

And as far as postseason goal-scoring droughts go, he was in some pretty good company this year:

Toews: 70 shots, 3 goals.

Seguin: 70 shots, 1 goal.

Jagr: 58 shots, 0 goals.

Nash: 42 shots, 1 goal.

These things happen sometimes, even to the best players. I don't see those shooting percentages (Toews: 4.3%, Nash: 2.4%, Seguin: 1.4%, Jagr: 0.0%) as anything more than anomalies.

Jagr is a career 11.8% shooter in the postseason and 14.0% in the regular season. in 2012-13, he was 13.9% in the regular season. He should have scored 5-7 goals off of the shots he had during the Bruins playoff run. There's no reason to assume that he won't be back to his normal rate the next time he's in the playoffs (assuming he gets another shot). It's certainly far more likely that he'll be back shooting 10% or better than to assume that he'll put-up another doughnut.

Small samples of total shots sometimes produce anomalous results in goalscoring. When the offense disappears completely, there's reason to worry. This hasn't happened with Jagr as he's continued to put-up strong assists totals even when the goals aren't there. That's the reason why I also don't put much worry in Jagr's 1 goal in 11 games with Philly in the previous postseason (as he also added 7 helpers for an overall 0.73 points per game).

With a modest shooting percentage during Boston's run (instead of his unbelievably snakebitten 0.0%), Jagr likely would have finished the playoffs somewhere in the top-ten in total points scored.

He is still a highly effective player, especially as a secondary/complimentary scorer and veteran presence (with Cup-winning experience). He remains a very impressive physical specimen (6'3", 240 lbs), who "possesses two of the strongest legs ever seen on a hockey player" (from his profile on The Hockey News website). His elite talent level and world class offensive instincts remain undiminished, even as he plays into his early forties. He's remarkably strong along the boards and when in control of the puck. Obviously, he doesn't have the speed or the endurance he had as the younger man but he's still a future Hall of Famer who, even at a fraction of the player he once was in his prime, is still a very good top-six forward in today's NHL (and arguably better than anyone the Canucks currently have available to play on Kesler's RW, while also probably better than any of the other remaining options in free agency).

If he'd be open to taking one of those bonus-laden 35+ contracts (where you can defer the bonuses and cheat the cap for a year), maybe something like a $1.2 million base with $3.6 million in potential bonuses (just spitballin' here), then Canucks management should do everything they can to convince him to sign in Vancouver.

I'm not sure he'd be willing to sign an Iginla-like contract as his last deal had a pretty small bonus portion (so he might still prefer guaranteed money). It would also be a tough sell to get him to choose the West's travel schedule. And, of course, it might not be as easy as it used to be to portray Vancouver as a top-five contender--that's assuming that a major reason why Jagr's still playing NHL hockey is to try to win one more Stanley Cup (as he almost undoubtedly doesn't need the money--if he was in it for the cash, he'd make more in the KHL).

I just don't know if he'd be willing to come here, even if Vancouver presented the best offer and the best opportunity to win (of the teams interested in him).

What I do know is that this team would be significantly improved, in several areas including some of the more pressing concerns, by the addition of Jaromir Jagr (even the 41-year-old version).

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The same way The Bruins afforded Iginla.

Players over 35 get a special exception on performance bonuses...

We would get dinged next year, but the cap will be going up so it won't hurt too much.

Give Jags 1 mil salary and 4 mil in performance bonuses.

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Ya never know.

BUT THE PROBLEM I HAVE is that Brunner is pretty small.

I know that's not the only thing that matters but the Canucks could use another big body before adding a really small guy to the top-9 IMO.

Jagr has the size. He also still has the ability to kill it on the cycle and that's why I think he'd be awesome with the Sedins on the powerplay.

He has vision and is the perfected handedness and wing to play with Kesler 5-on-5. He'd probably be a good mentor for Jensen too.

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