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Tracking Luongo at the 2013 World Series of Poker

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This thread is for those who like poker and want to know how Luongo's doing in Vegas.

He began playing on Day 3 of the tournament. He's chipped up a bit to 32,000.

Looks like:

6,352 entries

1,942 remaining

Tournament is currently on Level 5. Blinds are 200/400 with a 25 ante.

For those who want to track it the website is http://www.wsop.com/

Feel free to post updates.




Go Lou.

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Players start with 30,000. Looks like Lou was as high as 39,000 before dropping down a bit. May not look like much progress but considering how many have gone backwards and busted out it's decent.

Currently 60k would put you in the top 100.

Looks like Lou's being very patient and not playing speculative hands out of position.

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This poker tournament is going to decide the fate of Luongo's career. If he wins big time, he can walk away and forget about the contract. If he losses, then he needs to earn the money by doing his job.

Critical moments boys, critical moments.

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Strombone@strombone1 12h

If you want to follow my chip stack throughout the World Series of poker make sure to follow @StromboneWSOP

Strombone@StromboneWSOP 11h

It's go time!!! Starting stack 30k in chips #WSOP

Strombone@StromboneWSOP 10h

41,800 chips at first break. #goodstart #WSOP

Strombone@StromboneWSOP 8h

38,300 at 2nd break. #WSOP

Strombone@StromboneWSOP 5h

33,000 at dinner break. I'm going the wrong way....... Time to regroup

Strombone@StromboneWSOP 2h

28,000 at the start of last level of the night. Stack is shrinking but still lots of time. Just survive the day....

Strombone@StromboneWSOP 1h

Won a big pot with one hour left. 55,000

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