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Is Brendan Gaunce unhappy here?

canuck cole

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Let's be honest, this organization isn't particularly a shining star in terms of how we treat our prospects. We are far more than just a goalie graveyard.

Sadly, over the past few seasons we've been having some blemishes with how we treat our regulars as well.

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It could just be their demeanor, but honestly the only prospect who seemed actually excited to be drafted by Vancouver in recent memory has been Shinkaruk.

I don't think they'd be unhappy here. They should be excited simply to have a chance at playing in the NHL. And if I were a prospect, all bias aside, I'd still much rather be drafted by Vancouver than an organization like Florida, Phoenix, etc.

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They're teenagers, suddenly thrust into the limelight with a microphone. Unless they're a natural orator, they're scared s***less.

Even if they are normally good speakers, you gotta think they are analyzing every word, and directing all of their concentration on not saying something that will come back to bite them.

...Oh yeah, and to the OP:


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