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Mafia: The Departed


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Okay guys! Heres the list of players! First Hanging is tomorrow night at 1030PM! Dont forget to vote!

1. Snake Doctor

2. Denguin

3. diesel_3

4. TheRussianRocket™

5. Imuzi

6. Alchemy Time

7. Captain Aerosex

8. One one two

9. Mau5trap

10. Intoewsables

11. Where's Wellwood

12. Gally

13. Crom!

14. Peaches

15. Apples

16. NightHawkSniper

17. Snozberries

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Another good question was brought up.

If the TP have to vote in thread, and Mafia have to vote via PM, wouldn't that make it obvious who's a TP and who's a mafia?

TP vote in thread only. Mafia vote for the mafia kills via PM, but can also vote in thread for hangings. This way, they blend in with the TP as well!

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