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Mafia: The Departed


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The whole game.

Also, now would be a good time to start giving out actual reasons for who you're voting for, guys. We want the mafia to be exposed, but if all we ever post is "VOTE [person]", everybody looks the same. I'm gonna hold off on voting for now, expect more from me pending the results of this nightfall.

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Intoewsablw was on his way back from the rink one hand, he had his skates and his stick on the other. He looks down brieflt and notices that the blade on his skates were gone. He thinks nothing of it until he turns into street...feeling no pain, intoewaable doesnt realize whats happened. Bood starts gushing out his neck amd the last thing he see with is cloaked man with a cape marked V.

Gslly was working his way through the thick city forest when boom. Gally falls to the ground andt luckily a forest attendent was close by...gally escapws a mafia ko

The town is displeased with the recent happenings amd decides ro take snakedoctor to the chopping block therewas nothimg that anyone could do.

intoewsable dies. Tp

Gally is saved

Snakedoctor dies a TP

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Things don't look so well...my conscience is that the mafia are either involved in this thread to perceive their innoncence or I may be completely wrong and they may just be the guys who have kept quiet the whole time. As of now, everyone killed has been TP and they have been active in this thread so should it be time to go after the quieter guys? Idk, but something has to change, and that's where I'm at right now.

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