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Top 15 All Time WWE Superstars #5

people please


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As a traditional WWF watcher I'm appalled that Cena is getting votes over Bret Hart. That guy did more for wresting in 1 year then Cena in his entire career.

The hart family made Canadian wrestling what it is today. Real list for any real old school wresting fan is below

1. Hulk Hogan - The fact he isn't first is nuts, without Hulk Hogan there is no WWE/WWF.

2. Bret Hart

3. Macho Man Randy Savage

4. The Undertaker

5. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold gets ranked above other tradition old school wrestlers because wrestling was a dying brand and he brought it back in a unreal way.

That's the real top 5, not guys like John Cena, CM Punk and Edge..

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