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[Report] Sam Gagner files for arbitration

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gagner is an interesting case, he started in the NHL from such a young age and has a tremendous amount of experience for his age. He obviously has the ability to put up huge numbers of points, with the 8 point night/12 points in 2 games he put up a year ago. He still has the potential to get even better, and despite his size he has found a way to be effective in the NHL - even when surrounded by other soft players.

He's also decent on faceoffs. Its tough to put a number on him yet, and it would probably be safest to get a shorter term deal based on his last 2 seasons rather than trying to extrapolate his future potential given his unique circumstance.

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Meh. I'm doubtful on this guy's 'potential'. He's been around for a few years. He's put up ok numbers, but at the same time he hasn't really shown any sort of marked performance improvement. A few exceptional games where he put up points does not a career make.

Just another smallish forward on a team with too much of the same.

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