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What faceoffs can do for you?


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I'm not really a big fan of playing Kes and Hank on the same line.

On a team that struggles to win faceoffs, it seems a bit counterintuitive to be putting two of our veteran centers on the same line. I could see it leading to a situation where you'd have Richardson, or Schroeder having to take an important defensive zone draw, with a game on the line.

I think a lot depends on who ends up in the 3C and 4C positions. If Santorelli can stick with the big club, he might be just the remedy. Last season in Florida he was just under 58% and was almost 62% in 10 games with the Jets. (albeit with a very small sample size) If he can maintain something close to that level of proficiency, he might just be the answer to the loss of Manny.

However, he wasn't able to stick with Florida last season, (being lost on waivers to the Jets) so it remains to be seen if he'll be showing off his faceoff prowess next season in Vancouver or in Utica.

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I'm a bit surprised that people are surprised to find out the importance of faceoffs. Many of us here and in the media have been talking about it for some time.

Last season, the Canucks were without Manny and Kes for a good portion of the season. Add to that the fact than Hank's percentage fell off and you have a huge dip in special teams numbers. Hard to score on the PP, when you start every one by chasing the puck back to your own zone.

Also, it's difficult to kill penalties when every one of them starts with the opposing team having possession in the offensive zone.

This was actually my biggest complaint about Gillis last year. (and I am one who usually supports him) He knew what Manny's situation was going to be and he knew about Kesler's injury situation, yet he did nothing to remedy the faceoff problem. Meanwhile guys like David Steckel were available...

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Agree^ - puck possession and specialty teams have really gone south as a result from our declining F/O performance. Good center depth with good F/O performance will take us a lot further than acquiring a top 6 right winger. Takeaways are much less important in the long run when 1 or 2 takeways is considered excellent whereas winning 1 or two more F/O's is not that extraordinary; they both give the team a bit more puck possession with F/O's giving the line the puck at the beginning of the shift. Doesn't make sense to change the lines to gain an extra takeaway per game, imo. The priority should be gaining the puck off the draw.

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after the trades were made in the draft i looked at are acquisitions we have two top face off men in the west in ryan kesler and are trade mike santorelli, so we have a bit of a looker on two lines, the problem is, Thats it. Im sure if we can get one or two more guys with good FO% in the roster we will be back in the picture. And really, the sedins wont wait forever, we cant get more of the sedins since soon we won't be able to afford them

Present or Future is what gillis has to decide

Trade some prospects for the present winning the cup now

or waiting to have are eggs hatch in the future multi-year contention

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