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What jersey should be used for the Heritage Classic?

Heritage Classic jersey poll  

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You realize that most people, including myself, bought the Millionaires jersey BEFORE the Detroit game. The jersey was released a couple months before they announced that Detroit was the game they were going to wear it and they sold out quick.

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Voted for the millionaires. The only reason people like the skate is because of the sentiment attached, they were a product of the 80s/90s and should stay there.

Btw would love a blue/green millionaires V logo for current jerseys

Blue and green is the best colour scheme the Canucks had ever had

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Doesn't matter if the millionaires has nothing to do with the canucks. Some of the teams that participated in the classic games wore the city's first pro hockey team's jersey, or at least a variation of it. Red wings wore the Detroit Cougars jersey, flames wore Calgary Tigers jersey.

The stick and rink has been used so many times in the last decade. The original vintage one was used as 3rd jerseys for a few seasons, the current 3rd jersey, and the 40th anniversary jersey.

I'd rather canucks wear the skate jersey against the rangers for a future classic game.

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