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How big is the LUUUUUU when he skates out in Oct?


The LUUUU chant when he is introduced/skates out for game 1  

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I think our arena is quiet because our security is really strict about alcohol. It's usually the rowdy college students, etc that get the chants going. I've been to games where the guys in front of me were kicked out for standing and cheering too loudly.....meanwhile the geezer behind me was reading a book!!! WHO READS A BOOK AT A F***ing hockey game?!?!?!? go home XD

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the "Luuu" is half the reason i wanted him gone... tired of no standing ovations and loud cheers after huge saves or multiple big saves on a PK everyone just stays seated and gives the "Luuuu" and there is no energy or buzz in the building afterwards... anyone else remember jumping to their feet going nuts for a huge save followed by "BOB--E , BOB--E, BOB--E" now that was energy ..

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