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Is it worth it getting a Tanev Jersey?


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I'm of the mentality that you get the player's jersey that you like/want and, in the event that they go elsewhere, you still wear it with pride.

There are no fashion rules - if you have a shirt you like, you wear it. No white in the winter?....why not?

Bertuzzi will always be a Canuck to me, no matter where he is and I still wear his jerseys/shirts around town. Don't wear them to the game because I wear current Canucks, but I loved Bert when he was here so that doesn't have to end because he's moved on. Sure, Bertuzzi's a little different, but I'd get a Tanev jersey in a heartbeat if offered a good deal on one.

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Guest Dasein

You realise teams need more than one RDman right thats like saying the pens should have traded Malkin when they picked Crosby because he was the better player just because Carraro may be a better player that doesn't mean Tanev can't play behind him plus I believe Tanev will stay I think of Tanev as a Lidstrom type player does everything well very few mistakes but won't wow you with anything (not saying Tanev is or ever will be as good as Lidstrom plus Lidstrom was much better offensively)

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