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Prospects You are Most Excited About (pre '13-'14 season)

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Made this topic the last 2 years

(Most recently)

Are your picks the same? (with this past draft having 2 quality first rounders, I doubt they would be)

Here's mine:

1. Jensen

2. McNally - Probably would have him first again, but he missed most of last year due to the suspension/whatever it was, and didn't start off the season all that hot either. Still, the size and potentional of this guy is there.

3/4. Mallet/Blomstrand

5. Corrado

6. Horvat/Shinkarik

HM: Gaunce/Archibald/Tommernes/Labate

Again, this is prospects you are most excited about, not necessarily the best prospects, or most NHL ready prospects.

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Guest Dasein

My top 5 (consisting of 7 players :P) are obviously those who are close to playing for us on opening day:

1. Schroeder - is he ready for the big leagues?

2. Jensen - can he produce in the NHL as a top 9 forward?

3. Tommernes - a sneak into the bottom pairing, if we load up the top 4 as Hamhuis - Bieksa, Garrison - Edler?

4. Gaunce/Horvat - who's better and are they ready to make the jump early?

5. Blomstrand/Mallet - can they win a spot on the 4th line?

Of those who are still ways from knocking on the doors:

1. Shinkaruk - for the obvious reason of being the most dynamic goal-scoring (and offensive) prospect since Bure

2. Cederholm - already an absolute beast at age 18, is he the next big shutdown defenseman Canucks need

3. Subban - can he grow physically to be at NHL compete level

4. McEneny - all around solid defenseman who continues to develop

5. Cassels - can he breakout this season now that he finally will play a big role on his team

Honourable mentions: Archibald, Cannata, McNally

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These three seem like locks to make it and letting Shinkaruk and horvat stays down doesn't eat a year off their contract and allows them to be ready for the World Juniors. Gaunce of course could be expendable for that if Schroeder steps up.

ON the bubble




Only because they could end up in the positions attrition and injury seem to open up holes for in our lineups

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1. Gaunce: The guy I'm hoping can be our answer to the monster centers in the west. Really hoping he becomes capable of going head to head with Kopitar, Getzlaf, Thornton, Backes et al & shutting them down.

2. Horvat: Future heart & soul guy, top 6 forward who does all the little things a team needs to win. can't wait to see him & Kesler playing together in a few years.

3. Schroeder: Speed & creativity. Really hoping he establishes himself as a top 6 guy this year. Our best bet for immediate creative offencive help.

4. Jensen: Size, skill & scoring. Had higher hopes for him, but they've lowered since he returned from Europe. I hope he comes into camp hungry & surprises me.

5. Tommernes: Another D who blossomed late. I'm thinking a PP QB version of Tanev. This guy could be the biggest surprise in camp.

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1.Jensen -Can he push for a top 6 role?

2.Gaunce -Can he be our 3rd line center?

3.Horvat -Can he crack the top 6 next year?

4.Shinkaruk -Can he demonstrate that he is close to being NHL ready?

5 Corrado -Can he show more of last year and be a solid piece to our lineup playing on the 3rd D pairing?

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Can I just say the entire Utica Comets team? It's going to be cool watching a team that centers around our prospects again and less so on AHL vets.

Also, Horvat and Liberati going for the memorial cup.

Also also, Horvat, Shinkaruk and Gaunce going for the gold :)

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I think everyone's top 5 is a mixture of Jensen, Corrado, Horvat, Shinkaruk and Gaunce. Which says a lot of how strong our prospects pool is right now, as that's not even including Schroeder.

I'll dig a little deeper, and say I want to see:

1. Tommernes - I really liked what I saw from him in camp. Looks like a complete D-man, with huge offensive upside.

2. Blomstrand - He's fast! also great on the puck and had a grouse time of 44 minutes!!!!! This kid is in shape!

3. Lain - I want to see if he's really capable, as so many 6'6'' players aren't. If he puts his game together, he'll be one of the best defensive 3c's in the league.

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1. Brendan Gaunce

2. Hunter Shinkaruk

3. Bo Horvat

4. Nicklas Jensen

5. Jordan Schroeder

6. Frank Corrado

7. Jordan Subban

8. Andrew Cassels.

9. Alexandre Mallet

10.Eddy Lack/Eriksson

11. Kellan Lain

12. Patrick McNally

13. Bromstrand

14. Cederholm

15. Tommernes

I actually love our prospects this year!

Horvat=Hodgson #Trust Me.

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I really hope mallet pans out. We should sent him to the Dutch league haha Weise was on fire when he first came back lol

Seriously though. Be nice to see a sleeper like him turn into a 35-40 point third liner that can fight.

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1. Hunter Shinkaruk - Finally we have a big-time dangler in our crop of prospects. Hunter could be our Patrick Kane in the future.

2. Nicklas Jensen - Wicked shot, great size and compete level. He is very close to being a Canuck regular.

3. Bo Horvat - By all accounts a 200-foot tornado, with hands. Quite intrigued to see what Bo does this year.

4. Ludwig Blomstrand - This kid is very solid on his skates and has great wheels. I could see him getting a bottom-6 look this year.

5. Eddie Lack vs. Joakim Eriksson - Going to be a fun battle between two talented Swedes for our back-up spot.

Hon. Mention goes to Joe LaBate, Hank Tommerness, and Ben Hutton!

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1. Nicklas Jensen. Will compete for top 6 spot.

2. Bo Horvat. Will compete for 3C, can he make the jump right away.

3. Brendan Gaunce. Good chance he gets either the 3rd or 4th line center.

4. Hunter Shinkaruk. Will compete for 2/3 line spot.

5. Jordan Schroeder. Will compete for 2/3 line spot. Make or break season for him, with the Canucks at least.

6. Frank Corrado. Has a good chance of a spot on the 3rd pairing. Arguably our top prospect.

7. Joacim Eriksson. Guy seems pumped too try for backup.

8. Alex Mallet. Seems to have progressed well. Will try for 4th line spot.

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1. Nicklas Jensen. Can he make the jump and play 13-17 minutes a night on any of the top 3 lines?

2. Brendan Gaunce. 'Projected 3C' who has a big shot. Can he make the team and solidfy the bottom 6 while providing some offense?

3. Jordan Schroeder. Can he fully make the jump and become a Canucks regular? Or is it time to send him East?

4. Frank Corrado. Ready to be a 3rd pairing guy, or does he need some more cook time in the AHL?

5. Bo Horvat/Hunter Shinkaruk. How close are these two to NHL ready?

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1. Eriksson (could easily be our backup next season)

2. Jensen (without any more signings, he's on our starting roster)

3. Lain (MG keeps saying he's the most NHL-ready of our prospects)

4. Corrado (slated to play in our top-6 already)

5. Horvat (highest Canuck pick in a while, could be someone special)

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