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[Rumour] Devils closing in on Damien Brunner

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Devils closing in on Damien Brunner?

The Devils appear to be closing in on signing unrestricted free agent forward Damien Brunner, according to a report out of Switzerland.

Nicola Berger of the Swiss newspaper Neue Luzerner Zeitung reported this morning that Brunner “appears to be headed” to the Devils and “they’re doing a lot of background work on him right now.” The 27-year-old native of Zurich Switzerland had 12 goals and 14 assists in 44 regular seaosn games for the Red Wings last season. He added five goals and four assists in 14 playoff games.


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Hope they sign him. Have always respected and liked the Devils, Marty, Neidermayer, Stevens, Mogilny, Elias, all terrific players and a heck of team. Lou Lam has been a great GM.

Sucks for their fans with Kovy and the fact they are already rumours about the team moving, this will just hurt more.

Hope they sign him and they should sign some of the follwing to stay competitive





Elias Zajac Ryder

Brunner Henrique Gagne

Gionta Antropov Boyes

Clowe Carter Morrow


That's not too bad...gritty hard team to play against. Age is an issue and health but if they stay healthy tough team to deal with.

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Is lucic kassian? Are the bruins the canucks? I think not. The guy has played on every line so far and has very little to show for it. I do think he deserves top line minutes but becoming bonafide 2nd liner is a little too much at his level. He still needs to prove that he can be a game changer and he hasn't shown us that yet.

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little to show for it? he played 7 games on the top line to start the season (his second in the NHL), Scored 6 goals in that time, fought, hit, was a spark emotionally, then was demoted. Maybe think before you type.

Has had a real chance to show anyone anything? AS I SAID 6 MINS ON THE 4TH LINE can't let you prove much. Moreover, every time you make an error as a player you're demoted or your minutes are cut back? great way to develop a player.

Players don't walk in and dominate like Gretz buddy, they make errors and teams, if they want to bring out the talent need to accept it. AV didn't.

use your brain please

You think the Sedins, Kesler, etc etc didn't make errors as young players? Of course they did, but the team let them play their game and they developed.

If you tell a player, ok the second you make a mistake all I want you to do is hit and not make any more errors, then complain he's not scoring on the 4th line, who's to blame?

Think please

Oh and BTW

Lucic first full season in the NHL

77 gp

8 goals

19 assists

27 pts


Zack Kassian

39 Games

7 goals

4 assists

11 pts


Full Season with his crap minutes, that projects to

15 goals

8 assists

23 pts

I'd say its a fair comparison

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This guy will boost their offense greatly, I see him being a 20 goal scorer in a full season. NJ needs as many top forwards as possible so that they make the playoffs and dont have to give up a high first rounder next year, wont be easy with the loss of Ilya Kovalchuk.

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Yeah because the 10 extra games really does make a difference right LMAO why not project all of KASSIANS dreadful point totals against lucic. Lucic has already had a 40 point season and two 60 point seasons, although kassian hasn't played as many games as him(sent down to ahl) he still wouldn't produce half of what lucic has in a full season YET.

Lucic is a game changer and is able to put the team on his back in tough situations, whereas kassian will throw a hit, lose the puck then sit back on the bench lol. If you think kassian is anywhere close to Lucic your mental and need to get your head checked.

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