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[Report] Possible Blockbuster deal on Sunday

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http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Richard-Cloutier/Oilers-to-Make-Deal-on-Sunday/131/52798#.UeK1AtI3uSo -

1. Oilers deal for Ryan Miller

Deven Dubnyk would need to go back in a deal for it to make sense, but there would need to be more than just Dubnyk involved. I really, really, really, strongly don't believe Miller is coming to Edmonton, based on what I've heard and read...not about Miller, but about Dubnyk. Like, for example, how the Oilers brought in Jason Labarbera because he and Dubey are besties. Everything I've heard makes it sound like the Oilers want to provide Dubnyk with a quality team around him before deciding if he's their guy. They'll give him a season, I think.

2. Oilers deal for Thomas Vanek

Since we're talking Sabres, I might as well bring Vanek up. Where I get confused here is, I have no idea where he'd fit into the roster. After the Perron deal, it seems to me the Oilers Top 6 is pretty set. Well, unless Gagner is shipped out over his contract situation. And Gagner to the Sabres, considering their roster, makes absolutely no sense. Sabres need wingers, not centers. Have 100 great young ones, and some of them are taller than five feet.

3. Oilers deal Hemsky to Sabres

This is possible. Sabres need scoring from the wing. Like my friend Courtenay suggested, maybe Marcus Foligno would be a player coming back in a deal. Big, tough winger who would fit nicely on the Oilers third line. Finally, a deal that makes sense.

4. Oilers acquire Brayden Coburn

Aw yes, this old thing. I still think Ladislav Smid would be the principle player going back to the Flyers. Coburn for Smid + a quality prospect. I can't see Smid + the Oilers 1st pick in 2014. They already dealt their 2nd round pick, and a 1st would be overpayment to a team desperate to shed some salary.

5. Oilers deal Sam Gagner

Contract situation is bad and it sounds like both parties are frustrated. The only way Gagner is dealt is if the Oilers have some sort of replacement coming to be the 2nd line center. Could be a UFA signing like Mikhail Grabovski. Could be a trade to follow. Could even be the decision to move Taylor Hall to center next season (even though doing so would be a huge mistake). Flyers could be a destination for Gagner, although I could list about 10 other teams. Leafs is certainly possible. For some reason, I keep thinking the Oilers and Blue Jackets are going to make a deal at some point this summer. Ryan Johansen hasn't turned into the player they wanted him to be yet. Would absolutely be doing backflips if a Gagner for Johansen deal took place.

6. Oilers acquire Keith Yandle

This is an old rumor, but a good one. The Coyotes as a franchise have less money than I do. Yandle is a top pairing guy, and the Oilers could likely get him for something like Gagner + Smid. Am I saying I'd do it? No. Just speculating.

7. Oilers sign a UFA

Did Eklund insist an Oilers trade was coming, or was he suggesting an Oilers roster move was about to occur? Damien Brunner, Jaromir Jagr, Brendan Morrow and others are still out there waiting for a new contract. Maybe this is a signing, not a trade?

8. Oilers deal with Carolina

Rumor is, Jagr is going to sign with the Hurricanes, but the team needs to move a roster player first. If you've seen their D, well, it blows. So that means they're moving a forward, right? And the Oilers just happen to have an extra defenseman right now. So maybe you could see a deal like, ummm, I don't know...spitballing here...Tuomo Ruutu to Edmonton for Smid. The Oilers have always liked Ruutu, as he is gritty, can score and plays physical. The 'Canes certainly won't be moving either Staal brother (I'm not counting the crap one, of course) or Jeff Skinner. Ruutu is the logical person to go.

9. Oilers and Penguins?

I'm starting to reach here, but I want to make it to ten potential scenarios and the Penguins are in cap trouble. Something about them giving everyone $8mil per season. They could move Paul Martin or Brooks Orpik as a salary dump, but the only way this works is if the Oilers send back picks or prospects. I'd say Jeff Petry, but I think Oilers management would rather shoot themselves in the foot before moving him. Of course, adding Martin or Orpik would just make the defenseman roster traffic jam even worse for the Oilers. Too many 3/4 guys, not enough 1/2 guys.

10. Oilers send Hemsky to New Jersey

And this is suppose to cheer people up after Kovalchuk left? I have no idea what the Devils could send the Oilers for Hemsky that would work out well for both teams, so I'll go ridiculous with it: Hemsky and Gagner for Travis Zajac. Didn't he just sign a million year extension? I can't see why Zajac, who as a No Trade Clause, would allow this to happen, but what the hell. Devils get a center who put up way better numbers than Zajac last season, and a right winger to fill (lol) Kovalchuk's shoes. The Oilers get a big center. Everyone wins (maybe?).


Wow if the Oilers get Miller.

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Just a slow news period. Teams are waiting for the salary arbitration period to end to see where the dust settles and who has what cap space. Trades will happen late into the summer after the bulk of the remaining UFA's have been signed.

Go outside and get some sun.

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wow if the oilers get Miller???- an old goalie who has not had a good season for 2 years now??? Is he really that much of an upgrade over Dubnyk????

Now if they added Vanek- then that would be something, not sure how they would do that seeing as they have no good young forwards other than the big 4 who they do not want to move.

They have some good d men prospects but they need those guys to fill out their below average nhl d corp

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Based on what you included, I'd put that as speculation more than any kind of actual report. It's pretty clear from the last two scenarios at least that it's just spitballing possible deals the Oilers could make.

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OK so JUST so we are clear.

Last night Eklund wrote about 10 possibilities with different teams and said ok one of these might happen.

Bathroom literature, print it leave it next to the TP.

I can do that job seriously. It shocks me that this guy makes money doing the EXACT same thing people are doing on this CDC Forum.

Making proposals and hoping to get one right to say see I told you so.

Bad Eklund is Bad

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