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CDC Lineup Poll- voting for 3rd line centre.

Langdon Algur

CDC Lineup Poll- 3rd line C  

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Congrats to Chris Higgins for being voted by CDC as the Canucks 3rd line LW.

Moving on to what should be an interesting poll for the coveted 3rd line centre spot! For those that missed the earlier polls, this poll one of a series of polls to determine who CDC thinks should play where within the Canucks lineup given our current roster. Please vote for a player you think best deserves the 3rd line C spot.

The next poll will be for the 3rd line RW spot, so please post suggestions on who should be included in that poll.

Lineup so far



Higgins- ???

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Gaunce. Schroeder's too small and not good enough on faceoffs to be the third line center. Could be the third line RW but that would mean Hansen is a 4th liner, so it doesn't look like Schroeder really has a spot on the team.

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I think Schroeder should get a shot, I'd rather the canucks take a cautious approach with Horvat, Guance etc

I know they play in the Jr ranks again - Could Guance transfer over to the AHL once he turns 20 (is he 19 now?) or would he have to wait until the end of the year to be eligible?

Right now the Canucks have a decent team to be competitive with and should use it to their advantage to bring along the prospects slowly. Its not even a bad thing if Jensen plays in the AHL under green next year either, especially if he gets used in a top 6 role

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The reality here is Schroeder is too small and Gaunce is known for his defensive play.

By playing the 3rd line as a checking line, Gaunce centering, this allows more time for Kesler to be on the offensive and potentially keeping him off the injured list.

Schroeder is a more offensive player and wouldn't be able to take pressure off kesler like Gaunce would.

Also the wingers that would be on that 3rd line will be Higgins and Hansen. Two solid two way forwards who would be able to help keep the pressure off of Gaunce so he will be able to transition much better.

And really the only thing that would keep Gaunce down at the moment is his skating, but he's spending the summer working with Gary Roberts.

As for Horvat? If he truly does have top 6 potential, another year or two (unsure of the CHL age structure) in the CHL to work on his offense would do wonders.

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