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Describe the Canucks' reputation; your assesment

Bite me Burr

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Well they were labeled as divers / whiners as there strategy was to take everything and draw the powerplay and try to burn the opposing club. Obviously there were times when players went down extremely easily and I am not that much of a homer to admit there were a few times it looked like kesler, burrows etc went down quite easily and got penalties for it.

I think part of the reputation (my opinion anyway) was bad from the days we had Ruutu & Cooke would stir up other teams and not back it up (I recall Cooke crawling between someones legs and onto the canuck bench).

The team had a bunch of agitators and guys that would embellish (almost too much) in order to get calls and eventually other teams / refs started pointing it out and at that point (again my opinion) the media etc started to overblow the whole situation (name me a team that doesn't have 1 guy that has fallen over extremely easily) and then it took on a life of its own.

The team had / has a few trolls which also added to the reputation. I will say I think its kind of pooey that refs seem influenced by junk in the past, they really should get over themselves and just call the game as is. I highly doubt they would ever do or say anything if they caught the great sidney crosby diving (which by the way he does)

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Talking with friends and guys I've played hockey with from all over NA the biggest things that come up are:

1) The diving by our players, this one is hard to argue because at times in the past there has been some huge dives.

2) the Burrows hair pulling and bitting incidents.

3) putting our team in the likeness of Detroit when we haven't won what matters most.

4) homers of fans. When we blame a goalie for our losses when our team couldn't defend and left lou out to dry. This city was handed pure gold and treated it like crap.

5) terrible respect towards our best players in history, calling them the sisters. I know other fans call them sisters too.

6) riots

Now not every fan falls under those points but some sure do stick out (yes other teams have their homers too) these are just the points that stuck out to me when people talk about the Canucks and the fans. Some of my Chicago and Boston friends have a lot of respect for most of the players on our team and really enjoy the rivalry, and only dislike VAN because they are matched and can beat either team.

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Canucks hate-

Boston ( rivalry)

Blackhawks (rivalry)

Kings ( playoffs)

Sharks ( playoffs times 2)

so it's natural these teams don't like us. And for about 4 years we were the best Canadian team, which equals hate by other teams because of all the attention.

All other Canadian cities for obvious reasons. Just like how Canucks fans hate the Maple Laffs.

If we finished last every year we wouldn't be hated.

Add in the biased Eastern media and the Leafs homers (like Dreger) on TSN.

Every team in the league dives. And every team whines. Anybody who says otherwise is not really a fan of hockey, and just enjoys bashing the Canucks because other people do.

One more thing, if we had played Phoenix in the playoffs we wouldn't have such a bad reputation. It's only because the Canucks played "hockey cities" that we developed a reputation.

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I don't think many other fanbases are as concerned with their teams' reputation as we are.

Could you imagine a bunch of Bahston, Chicago or Philly fans getting together and chatting about what other teams' fans and media think about their team?

Hahaha. I'm certain 'Who gives a faaack?' would've come up in these hypothetical discussions more than once.

It's been over 40 years. Time to grow up as a hockey market, methinks.

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I don't give a rat's a$$ about the team's reputation with other fans, teams or the media. If the Canucks want to be liked, they should start losing because that's the only way anyone will stop hating them.

Nobody hates teams like the Panthers because all they do is lose.

The only thing that should be a concern is their reputation with the refs. If last postseason is an example, the team isn't getting the benefit of the doubt on any call.

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How does the hockey world think?

How would anybody know as hockey/world is a pretty big place?

In the end it only matters that free agents wish to sign here and having a winning,fair and reputable GM / coach is the first thing a free agent would consider.

After the culture of the team it would be the culture of the city and country.

What you are asking is : What is the reputation of the GM and coach?

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We were loved during the 70's and 80's when teams kicked the crap out of us and padded their stats. Once you win you are hated by the teams you kick the crap out of like Calgary, Edmonton and the Laffs with their massive media arm. As far as diving and whining goes nobody does it better than Boston, Chicago, LA, and the Sharks all American based teams. Game management at it's finest.

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we are a losing organization with a tradition of losing......... and are current players aside from a few seem to be a bunch of Dbags... when Mark Recchi came out after they had won the cup and said our team was the biggest group of cry babys yappy arrogant divers , with zero class and said in all his career hes never had an opponent hes had such little respect for as he did for the canucks by the end of the finals. none of that was mind games or lobbying the refs the playoffs were over and so was his career... and he was on the winning side of it... so its not like he was just being a poor loser... so thats gotta tell you something about our team...... i didnt see players throughout the league hate on any 1 team in the finals before or after the nucks were in as much as the entire league of players came out with comments about our canucks in that finals.... and even players that hadnt played them in the playoffs too..... there was never so much hate from fellow players towards 1 team in the finals as the canucks had........ and if its jealously as some fans would like to pass it off as .. well where was the hate for the redwings or penguins or any other great teams???

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