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Telus Internet Bandwidth Caps?


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Hi guys,

I'm currently on Telus High Speed Lite, an old internet plan with Telus from about 3 years ago. I recently was told that Telus lowered the bandwidth limit on all internet plans. In my case, I went from 30GB to 15GB.

I also heard that Telus charges people if they go over their bandwidth limit. There used to be a download tracker on their website, so that I can check if I went over my limit. Unfortunately, this tracker is now gone.

My question: has anybody went over the Telus bandwidth limit and got charged for it? It's a bit scary not being able to track my bandwidth, especially with a limit of 15GB max.

Thanks for replying in advance.

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Common Sense, how much over do you mean? I probably push about 25GB out of my supposed limit of 15GB, but I was also of thinking of picking up and trying Netflix. Of course, that would substantially increase my bandwidth use. I just don't want to be bombarded with overage charges if it's probable that Telus is strict.

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