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Luongo's Totals


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First if you want to talk about the teams luongo start playing with you have to think of the other end of the spectrum, he's also played on a 2 time president trophy winning team which has feasted on playing on a very weak devision.

Secondly you then go and used wins as a criteria after you've already just put down the importance of win, then you use 300W as a criteria for determining save %, funny you stop at 300 why not 250.

Thirdly save % is a complete inaccurate way to rank a goalies all-time career as it wasn't even been kept accurately until the late 80's. Tell me what is Dryden's save %, what is Hall %.

All I'm trying to say is that as of right now Luongo is no where close to being as one of the all time greats and even if he has a few more winning season with no real hardware he still wont be considered one of the best.

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