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i hope AV gets booed in preseason game against rangers


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AV has done nothing but bad for the canucks and this is the time to show him u didnt appreciate him! if u got to preseason game against rangers boo him louder then u ever have before! nothing he did helped the canuks and he was the reason the canucks lost in the finals and 2 straight 1st round exits. he cant match lines, changes up lines when theyre working and gets bad side of players and they tuned him out.

go canucks nation boo av when he comes this preseason hurrah

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Or (and this is speaking as someone who was not the biggest AV fan during his last several years here)

We could give him a standing ovation for all of his accomplishments with the Canucks. The man, for all his faults, did win several division titles and also got us to game 7 of the SCF.

Let's give credit where it is due and do the classy thing Van fans.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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