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Two pit bulls dragged behind truck in Nanaimo are back with their owners

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The two pit bulls who were dragged behind a pick up truck in Nanaimo last Friday are back with their owners today.

Police said the owners are related to the man who allegedly dragged the dogs, a puppy and an adult, behind his truck.

Const. Gary O’Brien with the Nanaimo RCMP said the dogs were dragged 600 to 700 feet and it appeared their leashes had been tied to the bumper.

The pit bull puppy, who is between six and eight months old, was not able to keep up, and O’Brien said when the dog was found it was so badly injured, people thought it was dead.

However, both dogs are doing better and O’Brien said it looks like they are going to make a full recovery.

A 27-year-old Nanaimo man has now been arrested.

He was later released on a promise to appear and charges of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal under the Criminal Code of Canada have been recommended, but he has not been charged at this time. One of his release conditions is to have no contact with animals.

His first court appearance is set for September 3 in Nanaimo Provincial court .

Did a search and didn't see it posted, thought I'd share this one...

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in before someone says.

oh but they're just animals, what about starving children in Africa and every other thing thats more important than this.


also SPCA really dropped the ball here.

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Not sure what you mean by "SPCA dropped the ball here" What does this have to do with the SPCA? Its not like they knew this idiot was going to tow animals behind his truck.

Realistically the owner wasn't the one who commited the crime, just because they are related to the guy doesn't mean they are unfit to be owners.

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um cause the police arrested the culprit and he now has a court order to stay away from animals (the guy wasn't the owner).

It would be like saying child services should take away children from their parents because a relative assulted their kids.

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I never said it was and your missing the point. I never said the owner was involved but because they are family I doubt that the owner and the perpetrator will cease contact and eventually I wonder if the owner wont let their guard down in terms of protecting the pet from the perp.

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