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Predict the starting goalies for the 2014 Olympics


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Canada: Luongo/Crawford/Price (one of those three will get it)

USA: Quick

Sweden: Lundqvist

Russia: Bobrovsky

Finland: Rinne

Switzerland: Hiller

Czech Republic: Vokoun

Slovakia: Halak

Slovenia: Luka Gracnar (looked up Slovenian goalies and he popped up. Here's the link: http://www.iihf.com/nc/home-of-hockey/news/news-singleview/recap/7613.html)

Norway: Pal Grotnes

Austria: ????

Latvia: Not a clue

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Sweden: Henrik Lundqvist

Finland: Pekka Rinne

Russia: Sergei Bobrovsky

USA: Jonathan Quick

Canada: Carey Price

Czech: Ondrej Pavelec

Swiss: Jonas Hiller

Slovakia: Jaroslav Halak

Slovenia: Andrej Hocevar (Thanks, Wikipedia)

Norway: Lars Volden

Austria: Bernd Bruckler

Latvia: Edgars Masalskis

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Well fleury didn't choke in the stanley cup final like a certain somebody and actually played pretty good, yes he had a little bit of help from these crosby and malkin fellas but he still played good, you have to remember their defense wasn't that great. And I disagree, if they had lu they may not even have one cup

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Right now I would say Tukka Rask is the goalie for Finland. Rinne will have to have a pretty great October-December, and there will have to be consideral drop-off from Rask for him to lose the spot.

I heard Hitchcock in an interview a few months back saying it was ridiculous to think Lu wouldn't at least get a look for the team after he won gold. Even if he doesn't start (which, honestly, I think he will but he will have to start like he did this year, rather than the past few to secure it) he'll be on the team.

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