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End part of q-tip fell in my ear ( how to get it out)

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Ok so I got up at 8 today and went for a shower when I came out i decided to get ear wax out of my ears it's been a long time so i did when i was cleaning it i just twirled it and then the soft part of one of the ends came off and fell in my ear. I don't want to do something stupid to get it out because i think it might go deeper and my mom and dad are at work so we have no car at home and my grandma and grandpa don't have the best vision and my sister is gone to her friends. My parents won't come back from work until 6pm

So should I just ignore it or try to get it out. Should I put another q tip in there and try to get it out or what.

By the way iam using president choice q tips

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Use dull end of toothpick to scrape it out until you can use tweezers to pry it out. Try not to poke through your eardrum.

For future:

Use name brand q-tips. (They are cheap.)

Clean ears more often. Will result in even crappy q-tips not getting stuck as easily.

Not q-tip method of cleaning earwax: Olive Oil. Gets messy though. Use cotton ball or toilet paper to stop oil from going on your shirt.

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That was easy i got it out all i needed to do was tilt my head right get a qtip cover it with hot water but it on the side of my ear and push the soft part down and it came down and then I got tweezers and slowly got it out all out except the little string which I got out with another q tip and then I poured a little water in my ear and it came out with little strings of that thing and now it's all gone and i got my grandma to look at it and she said its fine Evan though she dose not have the best visions thanks CDC and yahoo answers and i to

D you guys its nothing serious now just to throw away the whole packet of president choice qtips

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