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Adrian Dix thinks Liberals cheated before Election vote


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In this specific case its about funds that need to be paid back to BC taxpayers - I beleive I saw an article where from the work of the NDP bringing it forward the BC Liberal party repaid 70 grand already back to the taxpayers. In opposition it is the job to hold the governing party to task - its not their job to rubber stamp everything and be obiediant to the governing party. If the NDP has info that could result in more repayment then bring it on - I have yet to see where he says they should redo the election ?

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They made owning and operating a small business more affordable. Ask family that ran businesses under ndp and conservatives how difficult it was then ask them what it's like under liberals. What do you want, for small business have to pay more tax and lose all profits? Any idea how many people had to close their small companies because taxes ran them into the ground?

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Do Mr. Dix and The NDP really think the voters realy give a s--t about the Liberals wooing ethnic voters when every politcal party do it in BC? Candidates have both English and Chinese/Punjabi on their lawn signs and billboards. They print brochures in Chinese and Punjabi. There is even TV commercials on ethnic TV éradio in either Chinese or punjabi or whatever language of the ethnic group they are trying to capture.

The NDP lost because they preached to the converted. They hammered the Liberals on social issues like children poverty and increasing welfare rates. People who are concerned about such issues will vote for the NDP no matter what. The NDP failed to address the concerns of the middle class which is mainly jobs and the economy.

Bill Clinton said it the best, `Ìt the economy, stupid``

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Uh huh....

This from 4 years ago:

Education funding

• Inflation-adjusted total per capita spending on public schools in BC increased by only $2

between 1999–2000 and 2005–06 compared to a $47 per capita increase for Canada as a


• Source: Statistics Canada (July 2008). Summary Public School Indicators for the Provinces and

Territories, 1999–2000 to 2005–06.

Bottom line: BC falls behind as other provinces increase funding for public education.

• The percentage of BC’s GDP spent on education was above the Canadian average until

2003–04 when it fell from 3.6% to 3.3%, remaining below the Canadian average in 2005–06.

Source: Statistics Canada. Summary…July 2008.

Bottom line: If the government had maintained the same education spending to GDP ratio

as in 1999–2000, BC would have had some $1 billion more to meet the needs of students

and restore lost services.

Student/educator ratio

• BC (17.0) has the highest student educator ratio in Canada (14.8) in 2005–06. A sudden

increase in the SER in BC occurred in the midst of Liberal government policy reforms

between 2001–02 and 2002–03, doubling the gap between BC and Canada.

Source: Statistics Canada. Summary…July 2008.

Bottom line: More overcrowded classrooms and less support for students.

Public school graduates

• BC ranked 8th out of 10 provinces in terms of the number of public secondary school


Source: BC Progress Board. 8

th Annual Benchmark Report, December 2008.

Student debt

• “The average student debt in BC is $27,000, the second highest in Canada.”

Source: Spalding, Derek. “Students Protest Debt Load,” Nanaimo Daily News, January 22,


Bottom line: Between the cost of tuition and the high cost of living in BC, post-secondary

education is out of reach for many young people.


More recent?


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And for the next 4 years it is what the voters want so we all have to live with the BC Liberal tax system. People will keep shopping where they can afford to survive and one just needs to look at the huge number of cross border shoppers. All the tax savings in the world for small businuess doesn't mean squat if you don't have the customers. Small businuess needs the customers and ones that can afford their products. They need each other - without each other both fail

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Cross border shopping is a bigger problem for big companies, most small business sell things/services that people aren't gonna go over the border for, how many people do you see cross the border to go to a convenience store, restaurant, auto body shop, meat shop etc. Hardly anyone and they all have done better under liberal govt.

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Its not that people believed they were better off under the Liberals but rather that they will be worse under the NDP is what won it for the Liberals.

There is no real love for the Liberals, nor for any political party really. People don't like or trust politicians in general.

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