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My favourite internet celebrity died yesterday...


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Schoep the dog has died. The shepherd mix and his owner, John Unger, made national news when a very sweet picture of them swimming in Lake Superior went viral on the Internet last year. On July 18, a Facebook page dedicated to Scheop and John confirmed the devastating news. Schoep passed away at age 20.

"I Breathe But I Can't Catch My Breath...Schoep passed yesterday more information in the days ahead (sic)," read a simple, heartbreaking message on Facebook just hours ago. John was very close to his dog not unlike most pet owners but even still -- the bond between Schoep and John was undeniable. Unbreakable.

Schoep, in his old age, was suffering from arthritis. He also had lost his sight due to cataracts and has had hip problems. To help ease his pup's discomfort, John would take him for casual swims. John would hold Schoep and allow him to float along the water on top of him and a touching photo of this activity is the one that went viral.

The love that John had for his dog is definitely not something that people take lightly. Their relationship was very deep and they certainly were the best of friends. This loss is quite profound and people have been sending their thoughts of love and support to John who must be completely devastated. Even though he may know that he gave his dog the best life, the passing of a pet is hardly ever easy.

Schoep and John touched thousands of people in the world. And today, the world mourns with John, remembering Schoep and his incredible adventure with his dad.

© Effie Orfanides 2013


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